National News Story

I know what it feels like
to have your life halt for a bit.
It's an assault on your sh-t,
and you just want to lose it,
eye fast forward, have a fit.
Hit the wall, fall,
thrash at it all,
smash the TV, quickly,
but listen to me.
Listen and see that
when you've been so wrong
for so very long,
and no one seems
to be getting along,
you've got to just
assume you're at fault.

No need to sweet talk.
No need to cat walk.
No need to gawk or sulk
or plead with your wrong deeds.
Hey, listen to me.
Don't disagree.
I've been there.
I've been everywhere.

I've been falling off this mountain
for eighteen years, more or less,
and the thing that sets this
eighteenth year apart, besides the stress,
is that I've been blessed with this
some strange, hectic mess of my life.

Pepper spray, it became a national news story.
Everyone wanted something from me.
After all, I was on national TV,
part of the number one story for a week,
and I started to treat others aggressively,
every word, every action so intense,
living in a movie, every second,
calculated, suspense.

But I'm lying to you, of course.
My aggression started much earlier on.
I don't even remember when.

So, listen to me.
Listen and see.
Agree that I've been there,
or at the very least, that
I've certainly been somewhere.
And if I knew how to be sorry,
I would be. I'd be sorry.
But all I can tell you is that
I know that I'm wrong,
because I've always been wrong,
and I will always be wrong,
because everyone everywhere is wrong.
Everyone has always been wrong.
We will always be wrong.
And it sucks. Still, though.
We've got to pick up our bags and move on.