Macktavist Postlove Song

I am an observer,
got the borderline parody disorder,
want to lie next to you forever,
but only if you buy these things outside,
for you I'll try these Neitzchean lies,
but only for you.

Copyright infringement intended,
commodifying the left sex (dropped?) aesthetic,
them yellowz hella meant it pathetic,
but only if you read Capital wise,
getting high off this Foucauldian prize,
but only for you.

This life is an unlawful protest,
my first misdemeanor charge so messed,
post-decolonization baby can't rest,
but only if you cry violence then I might,
guys under guise make the Derrideans die,
but only for you.

We're all resisting arrest now,
over-meta-thinking of probably trivial,
only don't be too sure stuffs,
I broke the totality of the rhyme scheme,
I'm a badass f-ck f-cking capitalism,
but only for you.