I'm pretty messed - The first poem I ever wrote.

Diary Entry 1 - About seeing old lovers and the race of thoughts seeing them can cause.

Evanescent - About how time changes everything.

Satiation - The poem I started really finding a sense of form and style. A sort of meta reflection on the meaning of meaning.

Just One More - The first poem I ever wrote while I was high. Oddly enough, it's about being drunk and the sadness being drunk can bring out.

National News Story - Reflecting on how I treated others after becoming part of a national news story and other related feelings.

Ingenious Mimesis of a Bad World - A sort of meta post-ironic poem inspired by a phrase David Foster Wallace wrote. I probably need to stop reading theory.

First Date - My favorite of my poems, it's about relationships and trying to find love, however banal a subject that is. Continuing my playfulness with form and style.

Macktavist Postlove Song - A satire of macktavism and a love letter to activist culture.

Short stories

Overpass Overhead - Carl sits on a bench over an overpass and meditates over his life. One of my more romantic, more poetic stories.

A Happy Family - My favorite of my stories, it's about a popular novelist undergoing an existential crisis. Inspired partly by Edgar Allan Poe.

I Love You - About a heterosexual teenage male's thoughts after losing his virginity. Totally not autobiographical. I swear!

O Lonely Night - Harvey tries to sleep. He can't.

Merely Drifting - About getting over an ex. I used a few of the tricks on form I use in my poetry in this story to interesting results. At least I think so.